El Menjador

Surroundings: the Terra Alta plateau

Vilalba dels Arcs is a village full of hidden gems, like the Carrer Major (High Street), Carrer del Call (Jewish quarter), the main Square (Pl. de l'Ajuntament), the church, convent and a long list of buildings and streets full of legends and tragedies from the Templars and Hospitallers, through to the dark days of the Civil War, especially the Ebro battle that brought such pain to this area. Our present, however, is altogether brighter...

Vilalba is in the throws of a winemaking boom, and recently has underlined its commitment to the environment with one of the most important wind farms in Catalonia. The harmony between farming, wine and olive oil production on the one hand, and renewable energies on the other, underline the drive and diversity of our people.

You'll find few places where the vineyards and almost 1000 year old olive groves are farmed with such care. We spoil our land, with a combination of hard word, sacrifice and professionalism that translate into the uniqueness of our wines and olive oils.

Numerous cellars and olive mills, renowned both within and beyond our borders are found here in Vilalba and the neighbouring villages.

Only here can you capture the magic of the Garnatxa Blanca grape and the Empeltre olive.