El Menjador


El Nou Moderno is the younger brother of the Bar Moderno which was opened by our grandparents Jepo and Roseta, almost 50 years ago. Rosa, Roseta's grand-daughter is the cook today.

This family tradition brings the experience of the classic dishes of the Terra Alta like the Truita en suc, the Clotxa or Beef stew according to her mother Roseta's original recipe. Rosa bring a breath of innovation to our cuisine with updated versions of classic dishes based on local produce, cuisine with touches of fusion and Tasting menus paired with the Terra Alta's wines. Fun but honest dishes, respecting the produce and the environment where it was grown.

Wine, a key part of the cultural and socio-economic development of the county is also a star product in our restaurant. As a family with roots in farming, we are firm believers in the village's wines and that of the whole Denominació d'Origen.

We stock wines from almost all the producers in the county, constantly updating the list. We take particular note of new wines, the small artisanal family cellars and the village cooperatives. The Olive oil made from the indigenous "Empeltre" variety projduced from Olive trees literally hundreds of years old, as well as new oils from Arbequina olives are of key socio-gastronomic importance to the county. Here you can taste their authenticity and appreciate their full aromatic qualities.